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TAKISAWA CNC Turning- and Milling Center TMM-250M1

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Macchina no.TMM-250M1
descrizioneFirst machine installation January 2017
Please note the hours of operation on picture 2!

Special feature of the machine:
This machine has 2 spindles and 2 revolvers.
She is able to work with both revolvers at one
Spindle (4 axes) to work.

With collet chuck + collets
2 x 3 jaw chucks diameter 200 mm for main and counter spindle
Various standard and driven holders

The machine is sold without bar loader.

Basic equipment of the machine

• 32 bit FANUC CNC control with Manual Guide i (Tiwap) and
Internet interface
• 10.4 inch LCD color screen
• AC-digital FANUC spindle and axis motors

• Both spindles with C-axis (built-in motors with oil cooler)
• both spindles with disc brake,
• Drive power left spindle 15/22 KW,
• Torque max. 433 Nm,
• speed max. 4,000 min / -1,
• Spindle nose A2-8 with protective flange on cylindrical 220 mm,
Li. Spindle bore 86 mm,
• Bar passage 76 mm,
• Clamping cylinder type SMW VNK 170/77,
• drive power right spindle 11 / 18,5 KW,
• Torque max. 326 Nm,
• speed max. 4,000 min / -1,
• Spindle nose A2- 6 with protection flange on
cylindrical 170 mm,
• Right spindle bore 63 mm1
• Bar passage 51 mm,
• Clamping cylinder type SMW VNK 130/52,

• 2 VDI 40 turrets with 15 tool places each
(Double holders are possible, therefore up to 60 tool slots in the machine)
• Max. 15 driven tool holders per revolver,
• Y-axis 100 mm (+/- 50 mm) guided flat in the upper turret,

• M-function for opening / closing the chucks,
• Drive power of the driven tools 3.7 / 5.5 KW,
• Speed ??of the driven tools max. 4,000 min / -1,
• Torque max. 35 Nm,
• Tapping without length compensation
(Rigid Tapping)
• distance between the spindle noses 1130 mm,
Max. Turning length 760/200 mm,

• Chuck blowout of the right spindle via M command
• Footswitch for both chucks
• coolant device 4 bar,
• Radiator to regulate the coolant

Standard accessories:

• Automatic central lubrication,
• cast construction (Meehanite cast),
• X and Y axes as hardened sliding guides, opposite side Turcite
• Z and A axes with roller guide,
• machine panel with workspace lighting,
• 1 set of machine documentation,
• Integrated alignment screws and shims
• CE compliant

Optional accessories:

Main spindle Hainbuch chuck 65mm is on the machine at the moment
Counter spindle Hainbuch collet 65mm is currently on the machine

3 - colored signal lamp (continuous light)
for displaying the respective operating state of the machine.
2 x high pressure coolant pump 9 bar (unit price € 1,870.00)
Workpiece removal device for drop pieces below the
right spindle.
The workpiece removal is installed in the lower turret on a station.
A conveyor belt transports the parts to the right.
It can workpieces up to max. 3.0 kg and a length of 280 mm and a
Diameter of 70 mm can be removed.
Tool monitoring system (Raku Raku) with
Sister tool call by monitoring the drive motors or
pre-set tool life revolver.
Hinge strap - Chip conveyor to the right.
The pitch angle is about 60 degrees,
the ejection height 850 mm above the corridor.
Bar loader interface with Blok-Skip function
Input of the machining contour with angle and radius indication possible.
Helical interpolation for driven tools (allows thread milling)
Digital display for clamping path monitoring.
Digital display, which is located on the front control panel
and for easy adjustment of the clamping range is used.

There are 13 off standard toolholders and 9 off boring toolholders

Thre are 2 off radial driven toolholders

Changes and errors in the technical details and information reserved.

Technische Details:
turning diameter: 350 mm
turning length: 800/200 mm
control: Fanuc Series 31i-Model B
total power requirement: 8,5 kW
weight of the machine ca.: t
dimensions of the machine ca.: m
Tipo di controlloCNC
Anno di costruzione2016
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Knops Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Ronsdorfer Str. 143
40233 Düsseldorf

contatto: Gregor Knops

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