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STUDER Cylindrical Grinding Machine - Universal S 140 CNC

ID display: M3432
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Macchina no.S 140 CNC
descrizioneSTUDER S140 - CNC cylindrical OD + ID grinding machine

Built in 2002 Hours 56,760

Current state Not in operation – in good mechanical condition /

Conversion from Acomel to Vacon not yet completed

Missing couple of Heidenhein scales.

Max I/D grinding diameter 100 mm
Max O/D grinding diameter 120 mm
Max O/D grinding length 110 mm
Control SIEMENS 840D V2-01
Simultaneous I/D and O/D operation
Maximum/average power requirement 56 kVa/28 kVa
Connection 50 Hz 3x 400 ±10Volt
Dimensions of basic machine 2,560 x 1,810 x 2,200

Coolant system: Oil
Automatic CO2 fire extinction system Total Walter K8
Backup fire extinguishing Inert gas generators (military type)
Sensitron touching system Dittel M5000
One spindle F 120 mm / GMN 90,000 RPM installed
Converter for I/D spindle Vacon + software purchased, to be installed by Studer.
High frequency diamond dressing dressing spindle

Technical specifications
Very rigid Granitan S103 machine bed
X axis max travel 300 mm
X axis rapid feed 15,000 mm/min
X axis resolution 0.0001 mm
X2 axis max travel 100 mm
X2 axis rapid feed 15,000 mm/min
X2 axis resolution 0.0001 mm
Z axis max travel 300 mm
Z axis rapid feed 15,000 mm/min
Z axis resolution 0.0001 mm
Z2 axis max travel 100 mm
Z2 axis rapid feed 15,000 mm/min
Z2 axis resolution 0.0001
Workhead RPM 0-1,000 rpm continuous
Collet clamping system Powerhold – pneumatic (the original hydraulic system
left in place, but disabled.)
Workhead taper MK5
Wheel head angle 30 deg.
Maximum wheel diameter 400 mm
Maximum wheel width 32 mm
Wheel bore 127 mm
Wheel RPM up to 3,150 rpm (programmed by peripheral speed)

Documentation files for commissioning, safety rules, operating, programming,
maintenance, electrical diagrams.

Changes and errors in the technical details and information reserved.

Technische Details:
grinding diameter: 120 mm
grinding length: 110 mm
control: Siemens 840 D
total power requirement: 56 kVA
weight of the machine ca.: 6,3 t
dimensions of the machine ca.: 3,8 x 2,6 x 2,2 m
Anno di costruzione2002
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Knops Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Ronsdorfer Str. 143
40233 Düsseldorf

contatto: Gregor Knops

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