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AEG-ELOTHERM Cavity Sinking EDM - Machine 222 BA

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Macchina no.222 BA
ELOTRANCE 3 CNC control and 4th axis
Rotary table Hirschmann H250 NC
with H1625 control
and collet holder from company Hainbuch.

Clamping system System H / Hirschmann
with various recordings

16-fold electrode changer

6-fold linear magazine (pick-up) changer

Clamping plate system 3R

Dimensions LxWxH: 2.36 mx 3.10 mx 2.68 m
Weight: 2400 kg

X: 500 mm
Y: 400 mm
Z: 300 mm

Worktable: 750 mm x 530 mm

Working container LxB: 800 mm x 600 mm lowerable

Changes and errors in the technical details and information reserved.

Technische Details:
table length: 750 mm
table width: 530 mm
ampere: - A
total power requirement: kW
weight of the machine ca.: 2,4 t
dimensions of the machine ca.: m
Anno di costruzione1994
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40233 Düsseldorf

contatto: Gregor Knops

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