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EMCO FB-4-Universal milling machine

ID display: M3477
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4664 Laakirchen
descrizione-Hydraulic tool change
-Coolant equipment
-automatic central lubrication
-Starrer angular table 800x400mm
-Vertical milling head
-pivoting-out device
-Late catch
-Working space protection
-Bj. 1999
-very good condition

-horizontal longitudinal feed of the table X: 450 mm
-Vertical table feed Z: 350 mm
-horizontal cross-feed of the headstock Y: 300 mm

Milling tables:
-Vertical table clamping surface: 400 x 256 mm
-Width of T-slots: 14 mm (H8)
-Distance of the T-grooves: 50 mm
-Number of T-slots: 4
-Zul. Workpiece weight: 400 kg
-Rigid angle table clamping surface: 800 x 400 mm
-Width of T-slots: 14 mm (H8)
-Distance of the T-grooves: 50 mm
-Number of T-slots: 8
-Zul. Workpiece weight: 300 kg

Horizontal milling spindle: DIN69871
-Tool Holder: SK40
-Mechanical speed of rotation: 18
-Speed range: 63-3150 r/min.
-Distance horizontal spindle to table surface: 140-490 mm

Vertical milling spindle: DIN69871
-Tool Holder: SK40
-Pinolenhub: 100 mm
-Tiltable Vertical Milling Head: +/-90 °
-Mechanical speed of rotation: 18
-Speed range: 63-3150 r/min.
-Distance spindle nose to table surface: 90-400 mm
-Main drive: AC AC motor
-Performance at 100/40% ED: 2,4/3,2 kW
-Motor rated speed: 1390 r/min.
-Max. Nominal torque at the main spindle: 350 Nm

-Power feed motor 100% ED: 1,1 kW
-Number of mechanical preschoolers infinitely variable: 18
-Advance range X, Y axis: 16-800 mm/min
-Feed area Z axis: 8-400 mm/min
-Eilgang in X, Y/Z axis: 2400/1200 mm/min
-Feed force X, Y/Z: 10/15 kN
-Trapezoidal-screw Z-axis incline/Ø: 6/Ø 32 right
-Trapezoidal Thread Spindle x-axis incline/Ø: 6/Ø 32 left
-Trapezoid Thread Spindle Y-Axis Incline/Ø: 6/Ø 32 left

Automatic 2-circle central lubrication:
-Circle 1: feed, speed and Y-guides
-Power of the drive motor of the lubricant pump: 155 W
-Lubricating oil quantity in the container: 10 l
-Max. Lubricating pressure: 5 bar
-Delivered lubricating oil quantity: 2 l/min
-Circle 2: Console lubrication, X + Z guideways
-Power of the drive motor of the lubricant pump: 165 W
-Lubricating oil quantity in the container: 2,5 L
-Max. Lubricating pressure: 11 bar
-Delivered lubricating oil quantity: 0.032 l/min

Coolant equipment:
-Power of the pump motor: 90 W
-Coolant in the container: 15 l
-Max. Pump capacity: 25 l/min
-Max. Coolant flow: 8 l/min
-Scale ring division of the hand wheels X, Y and Z-axis: 0.01 mm
-Pinole: 0,5 mm

Electrical connector:
-Power supply: 3 x 400 V
-Connection value: 4,0 kW

-dimensions BxHxT: 1485 x 1680 x 1475 mm
-Weight: 1500 kg

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statoMolto bene
Anno di costruzione1999
Macchina sull'elettricitàsi
Fräsen Y-Weg [mm]300
Tischbreite bis 500mm
Tischlänge bis 1000mm

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contatto: Stefan Ziegler

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